Sorrelli Strings are a critically acclaimed trio based in Devon. The ensemble was founded by three sisters, Jenny, Kate and Emma, Sorrelli has now expanded into an extensive musical network which performs at a wide variety of events throughout the world.

TV appearances include The X Factor Finals and BBC's 'Great Orchestra Challenge', whilst they have recorded on tracks used on the NBA's Detroit Pistons, Countryfile and a Volkswagen commercial. Sorrelli has performed extensively live with artists including Blake, Thomas Spencer and All Angels; at events such as London Fashion Week, Glastonbury and for Her Majesty the Queen at the Golden Jubilee, and in venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Proms in The Park in Hyde Park and Maida Vale Studios.

2017 sees Sorrelli join renowned G4 on their tour 'Live in Concert' and 'Under the Stars' sharing the stage with special guests; Britain's most cherished soprano, Lesley Garrett, and the orignal voice and Lead Singer of The Osmonds, Merrill Osmond, soprano Mary-Jess (winner of the Chinese X Factor and singer of the Downton Abbey Theme) and Oli Nez (internationally-renowned multi-instrumentalist). 

Sorrelli are avilable to perform at various occasions including; weddings, corporate functions, festivals, concerts, session and TV work. Please contact [email protected]


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Debut album 'Sorrelli'

Please email [email protected] for details of purchasing your copy.
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Upcoming Shows

  1. 30 March & 1 April 2017
    G4 'Live in Concert' - South Korea

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  2. 1-26 March 2017
    G4 'Live in Concert' - UK Tour

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  3. 25 June 2017
    G4 'Under the Stars' with Lesley Garrett

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    Festival on the Close, Rugby
  4. 3 August 2017
    G4 'Under the Stars'

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    Gawsworth Hall
  5. 07-29 September 2017
    G4 'Live in Concert' - Ireland Tour

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  6. 15 July 2017
    North Devon Strings

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    Summer Soiree Fremington Church


Sorrelli Strings

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Sorrelli Tuition

'A painter paints pictures on canvas.​​
But musicians paint their pictures on silence''

Leopold Stokowski

Learning a musical instrument is extremely beneficial; it has been researched and results show that learning and developing musical skills compliment academic learning especially in areas including math’s and foreign languages as well as benefiting those with special needs.
There are many reasons to learn a musical instrument including the following:
Research suggests exposure to music may benefit a child's reading age, IQ and the development of certain parts of the brain. In adults learning an instrument aids in the mind keeping alert and remaining active, improving the memory.
Learning an instrument improves discipline, it is comparable to learning a foreign language, encouraging regular practice and dedication.
Music relieves stress and builds a sense of achievement 
Our core members, Jenny, Kate and Emma are established teachers of their instruments throughout Devon; teaching in the majority of North Devon's schools. 
We provide instrumental lessons to students of all abilities and ages, these are peripatetic or private.

Please follow the below link to view articles on the benefits of music lessons:
 Please email us at [email protected] for further details on the tuition we offer.